Root Canal Therapy (RCT)


The idea of root canal treatment may cause you some anxiety. Root canal treatment may have the bad wrap of being the ultimate in dental nightmares. Times have changed. Root canal therapy has benefited from advances in treatment and technology. 


At MM Dentistry, we’ll help you understand not only what a root canal is but how it can be a beneficial therapy toward excellent dental health. We can provide root canal therapy for all your upper and lower molars, which are the more prominent teeth toward the back of your mouth, primarily used for chewing food. 


What is a Root Canal?


The center of your tooth includes a pulpy material where the blood vessels and nerves are located. Sometimes, this central part can be compromised when a tooth becomes broken, cracked, or decayed. When an infection reaches this area, it can damage the pulpy material. This can be quite painful. Root canal therapy removes this infected, damaged material and cleans and strengthens the inner part of the tooth. 


What Are Some Root Canal Benefits?

  • A root canal is a way to save your natural tooth, which may be damaged or diseased. 
  • It provides an alternative to procedures such as dental implant placement.
  • Root canal treatment maximizes comfort, completely eliminating pain from the treated tooth. 
  • Root canal treatment keeps your natural teeth in place, which is often preferential to alternatives such as implants and prosthetics.


What is the Root Canal Process?


Tooth decay, disease, or injury can ruin your smile. Internal nerves and blood vessels in your tooth can become infected or inflamed. Our therapeutic, specialized root canal approach goes to the root of the problem.


  • The first step will be to administer a local anesthetic. 
  • Next, we’ll apply specialized masks and face coverings to isolate the tooth. 
  • We’ll use a device to help the patient’s mouth stay open while relaxing the jaw 
  • Once you are comfortable and relaxed, we’ll use specialized tools to access the tooth’s central pulpy material where the infection exists.
  • We’ll clean out damaged tissue, rinse debris from within the tooth, and disinfect.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, we can now shape the newly treated interior canals. 
  • We’ll then fill treated canals with sealant for strength, durability, and stability of tooth structure.
  • The final step will be for the tooth to be capped with a core build-up and crown material, which will match your tooth’s look and functionality. 


That’s it! Your tooth is now in a healthy, durable, functional state. 


No Really – A Root Canal is a Good Thing


Root canal therapy is frequently the safest, and most successful method of restoring health and eliminating discomfort and pain. The advantages may last a lifetime and save the tooth!


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