Emergency Dentistry

Prompt Care When you Need it Most

Come see us if you have a terrible toothache or a dental emergency. Our goal is to help you feel better by seeing you for emergency dental treatment as soon as possible. Our highly skilled dentists are available to provide the relief you need if you’re looking for an Emergency Dentist near me who is open today.


Same-day Emergency Dentistry

People of Burke and the surrounding communities can come to MM Dentistry for same-day emergency dental care. Suppose you have a dental emergency in Burke, VA. In that case, we provide same-day appointments, sedation solutions, and judgment-free care to keep you comfortable even in a less-than-ideal situation. When you call our emergency dental office, one of our dental professionals will assist you through any necessary first-aid measures and make you an appointment as soon as possible. You won’t have to sit in discomfort all day. When you get to our dental office, you’ll finally be able to relax knowing that you’re in good hands to receive effective, pain-relieving emergency dentistry. 


What is a Dental Emergency?

Any dental issue that necessitates immediate attention is considered a dental emergency. Dental emergencies include a wide range of issues. In general, if you’re having significant pain, bleeding, or discomfort and don’t know how to address it on your own, you’re having an emergency. With prompt treatment, damage, infection, and long-term consequences can all be avoided. It’s challenging to know what to do in an emergency because it’s so stressful. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team at MM Dentistry if you have aren’t sure you are experiencing a dental emergency. Some common dental emergencies include:


  • Toothache: Severe toothaches that keep you awake at night and prevent you from concentrating at work are frequently the result of an infection deep within your tooth. If you have a toothache, try flossing between your teeth to see if anything is stuck between them. Swish with warm salt water after that. Take over-the-counter pain medicines, such as ibuprofen, as suggested on the packaging to aid the discomfort, and apply a cool compress to help alleviate pain.


  • Knocked-Out Tooth: A knocked-out tooth is a major dental emergency. First, recover your tooth and place it back in its socket, or put it in a bag of cold milk if this isn’t possible. Next, call MM Dentistry immediately to let us know that you’re coming in for an emergency appointment. Then, to treat any pain, bleeding, and swelling, use clean gauze or cotton balls, take some over-the-counter pain medication, and apply an ice pack to help with pain and swelling.


  • Infections and Abscesses: A severe or persistent toothache with symptoms such as swelling around the tooth, discoloration, or high fever may suggest an infected or abscessed tooth. If the tooth is not treated, it will die, and you may develop a life-threatening blood infection. Come to our office straight away for an emergency dental appointment.


Don’t Wait in Pain!

MM Dentistry is always open and ready to assist you, whether you need treatment for any issues listed above or just have a simple tooth problem like a cavity, filling, root canal, or oral surgery. Our emergency dentists will treat you with compassion and understanding when you come to us for treatment. We recognize that you may be in discomfort and concerned about your long-term dental health. We promise that you will be our number one priority.


All of our patients have access to same-day emergency appointments, and we’d be pleased to assist you in an emergency. Calling ahead to let us know about your dental emergency allows us to prepare and treat you immediately.


Call Your Emergency Dentist in Burke, VA

For individuals having a dental emergency, we take pleasure in being one of the best emergency dental offices in Burke, Virginia. We can see you immediately, whether you are an established patient or looking for a new dental home. Expect to hear, “Yes, we can see you today” from your dentist again and again.